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Why Chess for Kids?

Develops Memory


Develops logical thinking

logical thinking

Improves concentration


Develops imagination & creativity

Develops imagination
& creativity

Improves schoolwork & grades

schoolwork & grades

Chess Knight

Meet Your Grandmasters

GM RB Ramesh

GM RB Ramesh

Super Coach of India

Grandmaster Ramachandran Ramesh is an Indian chess grandmaster from Chennai who won the 2002 British Championship and the 2007...

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WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy

WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy

Woman Grandmaster, 2003

Woman Grandmaster Aarthie Ramaswamy is an Indian chess player. She was awarded the title Woman Grandmaster by FIDE in...

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Winners at HobSpace

Aarav Sadnoor

Aarav Sadnoor


Wisconsin State Junior Open Chess Championship for the year 2021-22


Secured 1st in U1300 and 8th in U1600 FIDE

Charlotte Open Blitz Chess Championship in Pineville, North Carolina
Tanush Dokka

Tanush Dokka

Secured Top 10 rank

National K-12 championship 2021- Orlando
Sri Diya Kalavakuru

Sri Diya Kalavakuru

Secured 3rd rank

56th Annual American Open Scholastic Championship K-5 section
Nevaan Carey Meduri

Nevaan Carey Meduri

3 merit awards

"State Rankings" Chess Tournaments organized by Telangana Chess Association in 2021

Why Hobspace?

Curated by Grandmasters

Curated by

One-on-One Classes


Fun & Interactive Learning

Fun & Interactive

Fortnightly Tournaments


Chess Queen




Mother of A.V. Aswanth Joy

Thank you HobSpace! This is what exactly I was looking for my son to develop his knowledge. He is really doing well and enjoying his sessions.

Manoj Nair

Father of Akshay

My son has this new found love for the game all thanks to HobSpace! Special classes from Grand Masters, practice tournaments and a structured curriculum is the opportunity to approach learning chess in the best way possible

Rani Jain

Mother of Apoorva

The regular feedback and game analysis has been Apoorva’s stepping stone to being a better chess player. Her rating has improved from 1130 to 1475 all thanks to HobSpace


Mother of Mani Ajith

The monthly tournaments has helped Mani build a competitive edge while learning patience and focus. Getting this opportunity to learn from Grand Masters from the safety of my house has been possible all thanks to HobSpace

Simran Kaur Bajwa

Mother of Raunak kaur

The puzzles and worksheets are my daughter’s favourite ! The personal attention and positive feedback that she gets has helped build her confidence.

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Is Online chess beneficial?
Online Chess develops vital skills in kids from the comfort of their home. It makes them resilient, spontaneous and confident. Improves their academics as well. The process of the game itself requires a lot of patience which is why kids need to start playing regular chess. Playing a chess game with your kid can be a great way to make them do something apart from the normal. Play a chess game instead of watching a series. Make it a habit, make it a pattern, pass-time, something that your kid does on the go. Everyone wishes their kids to be able to appear more confident, sharp and smart. Imagine you gather up at a family event where kids know more about current affairs, cryptocurrency, shark tank. Won’ t that site amaze you!
Is chess good for my kid?
Playing Chess induces both sides of your brain, imaginative, artistic and the rational thinking part of the brain. If you are looking for a skill or a hobby for your child that will help them learn essential skills rather than just the game then chess is your calling. Chess has infinite possibilities for moves. Human brain is only capable of computing a finite amount of information at any given time. Playing online gaming sessions against an AI (artificial intelligence) can help sharpen the brain. Chess against an AI though challenging can also teach and evolve you to play
Can my 5 year old learn chess?
5-14 years is the ideal age in which children should learn chess. This is because at a young age kids are more likely to adapt patterns, habits and skills. When you teach any skill to young children, they learn it faster and better. This is because children at a young age have a lot of untapped potential and energy so it is essential to utilize that and help them mold themselves. Young kids can learn chess to become better decision makers. Therefore it is extremely important for kids to learn chess at an early age.
Are online chess tournaments helpful for kids?
Playing Online Chess Championships encourages kids to be better at the game. Some of the young grandmasters in chess have all started through various online tournaments and championships. Participating in these events also gives kids a chance to play against champions and higher level chess masters. They learn from these matches and are able to play under pressure. Hence developing foresight and instinct at a young age, which is a valuable asset for life. Tournaments teach children performance under pressure, critical thinking, Sportsmanship, Patience and Responsibility. It enables them to think empathetically. Connecting with a competitor, understanding their mindset, Learning to deal with losses is an important process while growing up.
Why is HobSpace the best chess class for kids trying to get into chess?
At HobSpace we focus on giving children a personalized chess space. Where the young learners and their trainers are matched according to the learning pattern of the kid. At HobSpace we have a curriculum curated by Grandmaster RB Ramesh himself ! It consists of chess lessons curated in a manner that helps children to discover their potential. We are a platform where kids explore chess!
Chess curriculum is divided into three major levels– Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Where at every level the kid learns chess according to their level of understanding. After every level the child learns and gets one step closer to develop their mindset.
Every month there are a series of Tournaments where kids from all over the world come together and compete. We ensure healthy competition and team-spirit amongst kids.
Where can I find the best chess trainer for my child?
HobSpace is the best academy for kids to learn chess. It not only teaches kids the game of chess but also ensures that they learn all the essential values through the game. At HobSpace we teach you how to think rather than what to think! One on one classes, personalized curriculum, Game analysis, FIDE rated expert trainers are all the reasons which make HobSpace the best. We have kids and parents from around the globe who are a part of our chess community.
Many Trainers at HobSpace have more than 10 years of experience in teaching chess. Most of them have more than 2000 FIDE ratings. Have achieved titles in the National and International Championships, Commonwealth Chess Championships, School Games Federation of India(SGIF), Olympic South Asian Games etc. We have delivered over 200,000 hours of chess training sessions to 7,500 students.
Are HobSpace chess tutors FIDE rated?
Yes, the rating of the tutors ranges from 1400- 2000. Many of them have an experience of more than 10+ years. They have played and won tournaments world-wide. Our chess tutors have themselves played a number of tournaments and won impressive titles in the chess fraternity.
How do I start learning Chess at HobSpace?
Your child can start their chess journey at HobSpace by booking a demo which will enable them to enroll and get a class scheduled with the best of our trainers. You can take a trail class with us and then decide whether you want to go ahead with the course or not. Our trainers will walk you through every aspect of the course in detail.
How do I find a good chess tutor?
You can start your kid’s chess journey with HobSpace. We have the best trainers from the chess community with 10+ years of experience. All of our tutors are FIDE rated and have established many milestones in their career. Best communicators, excellent teaching skills, analytical abilities, patience are all that makes a tutor perfect and HobSpace has all of it. Our Trainers use the best techniques to teach children all the tactics and tricks in chess.