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The children develop the majority of the skills during their growing years and this is the time where you can let your child take part in numerous fun and learning activities like chess. To help improve their concentration, intelligence, and understanding, it is necessary to indulge them in various sports and academic activities. Talking about getting involved in chess, here are some reasons as to why children should start playing it at a young age.

  • Learn to Think

Chess has a set of rules that needs to be followed by every player but also allows you to form several combinations. It makes children think differently and look if there can be alternate solutions to a situation. While getting stuck in between the game, the child tends to think more logically and reach the end target.

  • Peaceful and Patient

The children who play chess tend to be more patient and peaceful because the game requires a calm mind to think logically. The child waits patiently and observes the next move of the other player to analyze what is going on in his mind. The game encourages critical thinking too.

  • Develop respect for others

The game of chess helps accept both defeat and victory. The game has several figures that have certain points and can be moved only when a certain situation arrives. They learn how pawns are as important as queens in the entire game. Sometimes, the end result of the game gets dependent on one pawn. These technicalities help children to learn the value of every figure and inculcate respectful behaviour for everyone.

  • Responsibility for actions

This is another good skill that a child inculcates in himself while playing chess. They learn to hold responsibility for their actions and understand what can be the consequences of their actions. While making a move in chess, the child thinks and analyzes what could happen next. It enhances analytical skills.

  • Brain development

The intelligence quotient is increased when your child plays chess and tends to become smarter. This game acts as a brain booster for your child. Both the left and right sides of the brain are active when this game is being played and this is helpful in the stimulation of growth of dendrites. These are responsible for sending signals from neurons inside the brain. It enhances better communication and helps the child to make decisions quickly.

  • Invokes discipline
    Discipline is invoked in a child with growing age and is never inbuilt. There are a certain set of habits that a child needs to get accustomed to. There are analogous figures in chess like the pawn that takes the game further with small steps and guides the children to maintain consistency in life as well and stay persistent. Children learn to follow the rules of the game and abide by them. 
  • Learn to accept the end result

Winning and losing are two fixed features of playing any game. It is also necessary to talk to children about the defeat when they lose in the game. Learning and accepting to grow after losing is a key feature that helps to tackle real and serious losses in human life. It is important to let them know about the value of defeat, the experience they have gained, and the ability to avoid mistakes in the future.

  • Boosts self-confidence

While playing chess, every child’s brain works differently. Every child tries to solve any situation with different approaches and getting a good result helps in gaining them confidence for their thinking ability. They get the confidence to make their own decisions and be responsible for them. This leads to the development of their intellectual skills and also aids them to become aware of the hidden talents they possess.

  • Enhanced concentration

Children are not always attentive and are vulnerable to a lot of distractions. They are always discovering and exploring new things and want to know about everything. Being inquisitive, the game of chess will help them to develop concentration and focus on the technicalities of the game to perform better. Concentration helps in getting better results in other areas of life as well.

  • Socialize with others

Getting involved in such activities is not just a means of entertainment and learning but also helps in socializing with others. Children learn to know about their opponents and peers. They get a chance to learn from their techniques and experiences. It also develops communication skills and provides them the confidence to deal with every type of person they meet in the future.

All these major benefits can be obtained when your child starts playing chess from a young age and learns to manage things with confidence. It is a good method to develop friendships.

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