3 Reasons Why Chess for Kids is One of the Best Sports

Top 3 Reasons Why Chess for Kids is One of the Best Sports

Chess for kids is one of the most interesting activities and sports. This is also why up to 30 million kids take chess classes globally at least once a week!

Here’s the thing – 

There are two kinds of activities that help children in their holistic development. 

First are the cognitively challenging activities that make children smarter. The second one involves fun activities that children are always more than excited to do. 

And then, there is chess! 

It is to say that chess for kids is one of the coolest sports that they love playing and it also helps in their cognitive development. 

Want to know more? Keep reading the top 3 reasons why chess for kids is one of the best sports. 

3 Reasons Why Chess for Kids is One of the Best Sports

1. Cognitive Benefits of Chess for Kids 

As discussed above, one of the most important reasons why chess is the best sport for kids is that it helps them improve cognitively. 

Even research shows that children who play chess improve their grades in subjects like English and Maths. 

An average game of chess lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. And these few minutes are the best for children’s mental exercise. 

For that duration, the player needs to be totally involved in the game as it demands constant concentration and peak attention. 

Every move requires planning and strategic thinking whereas defending in chess needs problem-solving skills. 

If you notice, we’ve already covered 5 cognitive skills that chess helps to improve. Playing chess over and over brings out these cognitive abilities in children. 

And it has also been observed that children who play chess improve their IQ, memory, creativity, etc. 

Outdoor sports like soccer, cricket, and basketball are great for improving physical fitness. 

However, there is simply no other sport except chess that helps children to improve their cognitive abilities. 

Not just cognitively, chess also helps children to develop some valuable intrapersonal skills. 

Chess is an easy game to learn but it requires a lot of practice for someone who wants to become a rated chess player. 

This chess journey teaches kids to be hard-working, consistent, patient, disciplined, etc. 

2. Kids can Learn and Play Chess Online 

Online chess is better than offline chess and there are reasons for that. 

But first, let’s consider this for a moment –

Can someone play football, basketball, or say archery online? 

The answer to that is yes and no.

Yes, they can play these outdoor sports online but only in video games! 

When we play any sport online on our devices, we’re not really playing it. What we’re playing are just video games.

But it’s different with chess. 

When we play chess online, we’re actually playing chess. 

Whether it be online or offline, it makes no real difference in learning and playing chess. And this is why chess is so convenient. 

Anyone can learn chess from anyone from any corner of the world. And anyone can play chess against anyone from any corner of the world! 

Again, is convenience the only benefit of online chess? 


Online chess for kids is better than offline chess in so many other ways. 

One, there is an availability of challenging players online. Two there is an availability of skilled trainers online. 

Three, there is an abundance of online chess resources to learn from. And four, you can be a part of a supportive chess community. 

No kits, no equipment, no travel, children just need a device and internet connection to get their chess journey going. 

3. Chess for Kids is a Great Extracurricular Activity 

The benefits and convenience of chess are fine but what about the fun? 

Chess is surely a great sport but it is also a board game. All board games are arguably fun and so is chess. 

In other words, chess is actually a unique sport and a unique board game! Thus making it a great extracurricular activity. 

Chess is one of the most popular games among children. 

You might be surprised to know that all reputed colleges and universities have prestigious chess clubs. 

Children can be a part of these chess clubs full of genius minds if they start the chess journey earlier as kids. 

Starting to learn chess before their peers can be a huge advantage for kids. 

One of the most notable reasons why chess makes a great extracurricular activity includes being able to avail the chess scholarships to prestigious schools like the ivy league! 


In this article, we discussed why chess for kids is one of the best sports out there! 

Chess helps in the holistic development of kids as it improves their cognitive skills and intrapersonal skills. 

Chess is really convenient as there is no real difference between online chess and offline chess. In fact, online is better. 

And finally, chess for kids makes a great extracurricular activity because after all, it is also a board game! 

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