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Chess is one of the intellectual games that boosts your thinking process and analytical skills. It is known for its quick responses and forecasting qualities. As a parent you always want your child to be future-ready. You want your child to be quick, reasonable, logical and with great cognitive abilities. Chess is surely the game of thinkers. It is one of the rarest games that helps you to push your boundaries and build your skills. It is a skill-based game and involves lots of attention to detail and critical thinking.  

Exposing your child to this amazing game at a very early stage can be very lucrative in the long run. It can help to build some vital qualities in your child and help him conquer the battle of minds in future. Rightly called the king of board games, “Chess” is full of surprises, thrill and excitement.

Here are some of the vital benefits of teaching kids to Play Chess:

  1. Prevents Alzheimer’s: Our brain functions like muscles. So, just like our body needs regular exercise to be in rhythm and do our regular jobs with ease. Our brain also needs brushing and stimulants to get it going. Chess is one game that will not let your brain rest even for a second. It keeps you always on the edge of your seat and your mind active. A study also reveals that children who play chess right from a very early age are very agile and are very less likely to develop dementia.
  2. Raises the IQ: As a parent, you always want the intelligent quotient of your child to be high. You aim that your child should be quick at memorizing, correlating and anticipating. Well, Chess is one of the rarest games that focus on all these aspects. It raises the IQ levels of your child and improves its focus as well. So, if you want your child to shine and get the highest IQ score then, introduce him/her to the world of chess right from the beginning.
  3. Problem-solving skills: Being a parent, you always want your child to be independent and future-ready. You wish that your child should be able to cope up with his/her problems and find their solutions. Chess helps in this process. It develops reasoning and thinking ability. Chess helps a child to be self-independent and confident too. Playing chess regularly augments the problem-solving skills of a kid.
  4. Advances Spatial Skills: Chess is the game of calculation and moves. One needs to be very calculative and visualize other players’ moves as well. Chess helps to escalate the spatial skills and develop visualization too. It makes kids capable of mentally manipulating images and finding the solutions as well. Since chess requires lots of focus and concentration to solve complex problems and win the game of chess. It surely has a good impact on the brain and cognitive development of a child.
  5. Improves Memory: It is a fact that playing chess improves the memory of a child because while playing chess one should not only plan one’s move but also remember the previous moves of the opponent as well. In a game of chess, it is very important to remember how different positions and moves can help to save your 16 pieces. Chess can help to improve the memory of a kid which may have a positive impact on his academics as well.
  6. Activates both sides of the brain: chess is one of the few games that activate the left side of the brain as well as the right side of the brain. Experts say that people who play chess regularly use both the sides of their brands. So dear parents, when your child learns tips, tricks, rules, techniques and various nuances of chess remember he/she is developing and exercising both sides of its brain. 
  7. Unleash the creative side of your child: Since Chess activates both the side of the brain it has a lot more to do with creative thinking and analytical thinking as well. It boosts the information processing system in the brain and amplifies your kid’s creativity.
  8. Concentration: One of the major benefits of playing chess is the involvement and necessity of concentration in this game. Chess demands focus and concentration. So, if you want your child to be very focused, determined and resolute, playing chess can prove to be very lucrative. It can help to develop concentration in your child which is beneficial for not only academics and sports point of view but the real-life situations as well. 

The Bottom Line

Chess is one of the best mind games. It can play an important role in building some important skills and shaping the personality of your child. Introducing your child to this amazing game can teach him/her some amazing qualities which can go far from the board and prepare your child for real-life situations, problems, uncertainties and difficulties.  Teaching your child how to play this game can be one of the best and finest ideas for their future and betterment.

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  1. It’s awesome that you point out that playing chess can help raise a child’s IQ. I want my daughter to develop her intelligence, so I’m considering signing her up for an online chess class. I’m going to search for a good online chess class that she can use.

    1. Hi, greetings from HobSpace. Connect with us on WhatsApp 9930000330 for more information regarding our chess class. At HobSpace we have World’s #1 curriculum created by Grandmasters: RB Ramesh and Aarthie Ramaswamy. Our chess classes begin with a simple assessment- to identify which level is the child fit to start learning the game. Kids learn rules & terminology, piece values, tactics, checkmates. They also play fortnightly tournaments and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

      All our courses are curated for specific kids age group. We request you to share your child’s age and your contact number so that our activity expert can guide you better.

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