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Best Chess Class for Kids in Manchester

Looking for the best chess class for kids in Manchester? 


You’re at the right place. 

Finding a decent chess class for kids is not a straightforward task; the checklist that makes a decent chess class is really challenging. 

You have to consider all the important factors like convenience, availability, safety, credibility, etc., etc. for your child. 

But finding an online chess class is not that tedious. If you think about it, there are multiple reasons why online chess for kids is better than offline chess. 

So, Which is the Best Chess Class for Kids in Manchester? 

The best chess class for kids in Manchester is HobSpace – The world’s #1 chess curriculum for kids designed by Grandmasters! 

HobSpace is an online chess learning platform with 15k+ kids learning chess from around the world. 

But wait, the chess curriculum designed by Grandmaster is not the only best thing about HobSpace. 

Say, for example, HobSpace also hosts weekly international tournaments where students from around the world compete and have fun with each other. 

Just like that, there is a list of factors why HobSpace is the best chess class in Manchester. 

Let’s understand what makes HobSpace the best online chess class for kids! 

Why is HobSpace the Best Online Chess Class for Kids in Manchester?  

1. Highly-Skilled Chess Trainers 

Most of the trainers at HobSpace are FIDE-rated.

But what exactly is FIDE-rating? 

FIDE rating is basically the rating system that measures the strength of professional chess players and it is implemented by the International Chess Federation. 

More than that, the trainers at HobSpace are impeccable at teaching chess to kids. 

They know how to hold children’s attention and make the online chess class extremely fun and interactive. 

Because of the availability of the best trainers, HobSpace is the best chess class for kids in Manchester.  

2. Structured Chess Curriculum by Grandmasters

The chess curriculum at HobSpace is designed by India’s first Grandmasters couple – GM RB Ramesh and WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy. 

It is really difficult to find a chess class for kids in Manchester with a chess curriculum designed by well-accomplished Grandmasters! 

Speaking of their achievements, GM RB Ramesh is popularly known as the “Super Coach” for being one of the most successful chess coaches in the world. 

RB Ramesh has been instrumental in coaching the winning team of India for years! 

And he has mentored some of the most highly-achieved chess geniuses from India like R. Praggnanandhaa. 

WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy holds under-14, under-16, and two under-18 national titles! She is also a FIDE Arbiter and a member of the FIDE Tournament Rules and Regulations Committee.

The chess curriculum at HobSpace designed by these two maestros is well-structured that makes the online chess class for your kids effective, efficient, and coherent. 

The chess curriculum is divided into 4 levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced 1, and advanced 2. 

Each of these levels is further divided into 4 modules of 8. 

In other words, each level consists of 48 online chess classes designed by Grandmasters and taught by the best trainers! 

3. One-on-One Chess Classes

One of the best features of HobSpace is the one-on-one chess classes. 

In one-on-one chess classes, the trainer will teach chess only to your child. Hence, your child will have their full undivided attention.  

This format of online chess class enables your child to learn chess more efficiently without wasting too much time. 

The trainer will engage your child with various teaching techniques like puzzles, explanations, chess games, and other fun activities. 

4. Weekly International Tournaments 

The story doesn’t end with the interactive online chess class. 

At HobSpace, there are weekly international tournaments for students at all levels. 

Not only students from HobSpace chess class in Manchester but students from all over the world take part in these exciting tournaments! 

The global exposure that your child will get through these online chess tournaments is priceless. 

To keep it fair, beginners are always paired with beginners, intermediates with intermediates, and likewise. 

Healthy competition is one of the most effective ways of the learning process in children. 

After every tournament, the respective trainers also analyze their students’ games and help them improve for the next time! 

By the way, children love when they win these tournaments.

5. Masterclass by Grandmasters 

Is there a chess class in Manchester that features an online chess class by Grandmaster by any chance? 

Yepp – HobSpace! 

Every month, HobSpace features one Masterclass by Grandmasters. 

GM RB Ramesh, WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy, and GM Arun Subramanian take these highly insightful and inspiring online chess classes. 

These masterclasses are packages full of experiences from Grandmasters – literally the best in chess. 

6. Chess Certificate After Every Level 

After every 48 chess classes or after every level, kids receive a chess certificate at HobSpace. 

Receiving a chess certificate from the #1 chess curriculum from the best chess class in Manchester is a great thing for children. 

It boosts children’s confidence and incentivizes them to keep learning more! Be it chess or more such enjoyable extracurricular activities. 

7. FREE Chess Class Demo 

HobSpace offers you the first chess class for absolutely FREE! 

When you try a free demo, it gives you clarity on 3 things – 

One, whether or not you like the chess class, two, whether or not your child knows chess, and three, if they do, how much? 

At HobSpace, your child need not start the chess class from the first module. They can skip what they already know and begin at the most appropriate chess class module. 

This makes it efficient for your child to learn chess and saves everyone’s time. 


The best chess class for kids in Manchester is HobSpace! 

And there are several reasons for it – 

1. Highly-skilled chess trainers from which most of them are FIDE-rated. 

2. Structured chess curriculum designed by Grandmasters – RB Ramesh and Aarthie Ramaswamy. 

3. One-on-one online chess class for undivided attention. 

4. Weekly international chess tournaments at all levels from beginner to advanced. 

5. Insightful monthly masterclass by Grandmasters. 

6. Chess certificate after completion of every level. 

7. First chess class for absolutely FREE.

Experience the #1 chess curriculum for kids designed by Grandmasters! 

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