How to improve a 5-year-old kid’s Chess Tournament rating?

If your kid loves playing chess and is very good at grasping the rules of this game then, you must try to scale up his game by appointing a chess coach online. A chess coach will help your kid understand various tactics and game strategies. However, it is imperative to appoint a coach from a reputed chess class for kids. Since kids are impulsive their attention span is minimal, the coach has to make the game interesting and introduce new concepts in an enthralling way. A professional chess coach with an expertise in training kids can help one to employ various game tactics and improve chess tournament rating of your kid.  A chess coach can analyze your kid and let you know if your kid is prepared for the tournament. He/she can also suggest how can one steadily improve a child’s tournament rating.

Here some tips that can be lucrative to improve a 5-year-old kid’s Chess Tournament rating:

  • Be Encouraging: Many times, Chess tournaments take an entire day.  Till the turn of your child arrives, your child is likely to be tired physically as well as mentally. This happens especially if the age of a player is small and he/she is new to the chess tournament setting. You should make sure your child is fresh, excited, and is looking forward to the game. 
  • Try encouraging the kid by discussing game strategy or something else. It is very important to make a child understand that it is not always about winning, the focus of the child should be getting new experience than winning. A good sportsman is the one who enjoys the game and does the best to improve the game.
  • Set realistic goals: A chess coach with previous experience of dealing with kids surely knows how to set attainable goals. Setting vague goals that are too high for a five-year-old kid will be too trenching for the child too. Talk to the chess coach, about the progress of the game, areas that one needs to work on, any takeaway for home, etc. This will give you a fair idea about the game improvement. Try to work it as a team and keep a track of your child’s game to assist during the tournament.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: The key to success for any game is achieving mastery of the game and this is only possible if your kid does constant practice. You can enroll your kid with leading online chess for kids classes such as HobSpace. They will guide your kid with regular one-on-one sessions and fortnightly tournaments. 
  • Participating in these tournaments will provide you a great idea about his understanding and progress of the game. To improve chess tournament rating one needs to consistently participate in the tournament and keep up the winning streak.
  • Focus on health and concentration: Be it chess or any other game. Good health and mental peace are a must for the player. One should not pressurize the kids for winning the game or tournament. One should be supportive and should encourage kids with positive statements such as its okay we can try next time, you were doing good, a  little more practice is required, you were almost on the winning side, etc. 
  • These kinds of words will motivate the kid to push the limitations and work on improving the game. You can also connect with chess coach of online chess classes to review your kid’s game and provide their valuable suggestion.
  • Review the Rules: For kids and beginners, a daily brush-up of all the rules is a must. You can repeat the rules and strategy with your kid such as how to go about castling, En passant, and stalemate. Every chess tournament may have a different set of rules browsing through them beforehand can help you to improve your game. 
  • Warm-up with chess tactics: A little warm-up before the tournament can channelize your mind towards the game and make you determine as well. You can discuss with your kid how will you go about developing pieces, controlling the center, etc. You can also practice spotting checks, calculations, threats, and captures. This will keep the child sharp and steady during the tournament play. Chess online classes do this kind of practice tactic review frequently to help kids especially beginners improve their tournament rating.

The Bottom Line

Higher tournament ratings are the result of constant winning and persistent tournament scores. All it requires is continuous efforts, analytical skills, and dedication to get the top score and assured winnings. Chess is the game of skills; those who work for the development of themselves and the game are the ones who will be rewarded for their efforts.

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