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Is Online Chess for Kids better than Offline Chess?

If you’re looking for an immediate answer to this question, then yes, online chess for kids is better than offline chess. 

Even an article from The New York Times mentions that monthly 17 million people play chess online on a single platform! 

But just a “yes” is not enough to believe that online chess for kids is better than offline chess. 

We need to dig up some soil and find solid reasons to consider why online chess for kids is the best! 

Why don’t we have a look at these factors one by one? 

5 Reasons why Online Chess for Kids is better than Offline Chess

1. Convenience First

Math and science are not the only things that kids are learning online these days. 

Almost all interesting activities for kids except for outdoor sports could be learned more efficiently through online learning. 

Such is the case with chess for kids. If your child wants to start learning chess effectively, all you need is a device, a stable internet connection, and a skilled chess coach. 

The olden days are gone when you had to first find one decent trainer for your child by using all your might. 

And if you’re lucky enough to find one, you would have to spend tedious hours running back and forth to the classes. 

With online chess, negotiating time thus becomes simple. 

Online chess for kids is a smarter and more convenient option that makes everyone’s life easier – you, your child, and the coach! 

2. Learn Chess from the Best! 

As mentioned above, it is rare to find skilled chess coaches in person. 

The best trainers are out there on the internet teaching chess to children from around the world. 

Unlike regular trainers, professional trainers enjoy what they are doing and they take efforts to improve your child’s chess game

These are dedicated trainers that are not just great at chess but also very apt at maintaining children’s attention, which is like the toughest task to do. 

A promise to find a skilled trainer is an understatement in this regard; you will actually find plenty of skilled chess trainers online! 

3. The Ocean of Resources

The internet is the ocean of knowledge, resources, and entertainment! This stands true not just for chess but any skill that your child wants to learn. 

The in-person chess classes are limited when it comes to different modes of learning. The teaching methodology starts with the trainer and ends with them. 

A good teaching methodology for children involves variations in modes of teaching like personal classes, interactive videos, individual activities, group activities, etc. 

Online chess for kids fulfills this need because it offers different formats of learning like live classes, masterclass webinars, animated tutorials, chess puzzles, and whatnot. 

As your child will learn advanced chess lessons, other online chess resources will also come to their bay. 

The two most peculiar resources that you will find just on the internet are the chess theory and recorded games of chess world champions. 

4. Taste the Real Competition 

In traditional chess classes, it is not just resources that are limited. After reaching a certain level, you will also exhaust the number of players to play against. 

And what fun is a game that’s no longer challenging? 

Online chess is never disappointing as you will always find somebody more advanced to play against your child. 

By playing online chess against stronger opponents, your child will improve enough and can even become a rated chess player! 

5. A Supportive Community 

Learning chess for kids can be really fun if they’re connected with chess-enthusiastic children just like them!

Having a common interest that is so interesting like chess builds great synergy between children. 

But the benefits of being a part of an online chess community go beyond learning and playing chess.  

Children share stories, incidents, events, chess books, chess movies, and other fun stuff with each other. 

Hence, online chess for kids is also a great source of exposure that they could not come across in traditional chess learning. 


In conclusion, we can say that your child’s mental involvement in chess is far more important than their physical presence. 

Online chess for kids is better than traditional chess learning because of the following reasons – 

1. Online chess is convenient 

2. Availability of skilled trainers 

3. Access to vast resources 

4. Endless competition 

5. A supportive online chess community 

So, are you ready to start your child’s online chess learning journey?

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