Meet the 1st upcoming Chess Grandmaster from HobSpace – Pranesh M!

The world of Chess is already witnessing plenty of young minds storming into the Chess events and claiming all the golds. 

Take for instance, the 16-year-old GM Gukesh D; he won the individual gold in the Chess Olympiad 2022. Or, 17-year-old Abdusattorov Nodirbek who led the winning team of Uzbekistan in the same event.  

We are no short of such young names from around the world that are absolutely doing great in Chess. 

Today we discuss about yet another Chess prodigy – Pranesh M. 

The one who can be the 1st Chess Grandmaster trained at HobSpace! And, also the next Grandmaster from India! 

About IM Pranesh M and his Journey 

Pranesh is a 15-year-old Chess Wizz from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in other words, the hotbed of Chess.

Young IM Pranesh M
Image source: The Times of India

The genius has won medals in a series of international and national level Chess tournaments and his standard FIDE rating as of September 2022 is 2437. 

Pranesh is very close to becoming the 76th Grandmaster from India because he has already cleared 2 out of 3 norms to become a Chess Grandmaster! 

He has also secured other Chess titles; FIDE Master in 2019 and International Master in 2020. 

Talking about his journey, Pranesh started playing Chess when he was just 5 years old when his parents introduced him to the game. 

The little boy was one hundred percent dedicated to the sport. Within just 1 year, he even got his initial FIDE rating

Realizing a huge potential in Pranesh, the 2 Supercoaches at HobSpace, Grandmaster RB Ramesh, and Women Grandmaster Aarthie Ramaswamy started giving him Chess classes

Pranesh M with Grandmaster RB Ramesh
Pranesh M with Grandmaster RB Ramesh

Pranesh’s brilliance also got him the HobSpace Globetrotter Sponsorship! 

This helped him travel overseas, compete in international tournaments and get the exposure he needed to become a great Chess player. 

So what has Pranesh really achieved so far? Well, to be precise, a lot! 

Keep reading to know more about Pranesh’s achievements.

Achievements of IM Pranesh M

Initial Achievements 

If we start with Pranesh’s earliest achievements, the first tournament he won was the national under-7 championship in 2013. 

The victory was followed by silver and bronze in national under-11 in 2016 and 2017 respectively. 

Then in 2018 and 2019, we see 2 back to back golds in national under-13 with a silver in the commonwealth games category under-12. 

Later Achievements 

Pranesh won his first international tournament in China at a team event called The Belt and Road under-12 team championship in 2017. 

A couple of years later came his big win at the Abu Dhabi under-16 in 2019 where he again secured the gold. 

In 2021, Pranesh saw an online Chess winning streak when he secured 2 golds and a bronze in 3 different national online Chess championships. 

In the same year, he again won gold in the Asian online Chess championship and a bronze in FIDE online Chess world youth under-16 championship. 

This is not it; below are the best and latest achievements by IM Pranesh M. 

Recent Achievements 

The most recent and biggest achievement of Pranesh is definitely winning the gold at the 33rd Cannes Summer Open 2022. 

The event was held in France in July 2022 with the participation of 29 players including 5 International Masters from different countries around the globe.

Pranesh was literally unbeatable in the tournament. He won all the first 5 rounds and drew the rest of the 4; winning 7.5 points out of 9. 

Pranesh didn’t stop here. After winning the Cannes festival, he again won the 26th Creon Open without losing a single match and lastly won silver in 28th Abu Dhabi Chess Festival under-16. 

National Sub Junior (U16) Chess Championship March 2022
National Sub Junior (U16) Chess Championship March 2022 | Image Source: The Hindu


In this blog, we discussed about the International Master Pranesh M – a Chess prodigy trained by HobSpace who can be the next Grandmaster from India! 

Pranesh started his Chess journey when he was just 5 years old. Playing Chess from an early age helped him achieve extraordinary success. He won a series of medals in national and international Chess tournaments.  

Pranesh is already a FIDE Master and International Master and has cleared 2 norms to become a Chess Grandmaster. 

He is just 1 norm away from becoming the next Grandmaster from India and the only question that remains is – how soon would he be able to do it? 

Stay tuned and follow HobSpace for updates! 

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