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What Makes Chess for Kids the Best Extracurricular Activity?

Chess for kids is one of those cool extracurricular activities that make them smarter and also help in their holistic development. 

Chess is a sport as well as a board game and this dynamic quality makes it fun and interesting for kids. 

Even research has proven the cognitive benefits of learning and playing chess in children. Undoubtedly it increases IQ, creativity, attention span, patience, etc. in children. 

Children who play chess not only have a cognitive advantage but chess also offers some practical advantages in schools and colleges! 

What are some of these practical advantages of chess for kids? 

These are really useful. Keep reading to find out! 

4 Reasons Why Chess for Kids is the Best Extracurricular Activity 

1. Improve Your Grades by Playing Chess 

As we mentioned above, chess has some remarkable cognitive benefits for children. 

Playing and learning chess for kids increases their focus, concentration, logic, memory, etc. which in turn improves children’s grades in school. 

Through continuous practice and effort, your child can become great at chess. 

And once they reach the intermediate level, these highly valuable cognitive skills also develop parallelly. 

How cool it is that playing a sport directly increases your child’s grades in math and science! It is hard to think of another such extracurricular activity, isn’t it? 

2. Get Chess Scholarships for Prestigious Colleges 

You’ll probably hear this for the first time – some of the most prestigious colleges around the world do offer chess scholarships to students! 

Of course, there are certain criteria that the student needs to crack to get the scholarship. 

For example, some colleges might give chess scholarships to students who have shown great chess performance in history and have won some tournaments. 

In other circumstances, the student might have to become a rated chess player first to fit into the criteria for the chess scholarship. 

To avail the best advantage of these chess scholarships for colleges, children should start learning chess early in life. 

Scholarships related to chess for kids can be easily grabbed through years of practice and learning!

3. Be a Part of Exciting Chess Clubs 

All colleges have exciting clubs and forums for co-curricular activities like sports, music, art, etc. 

Clubs are the best platforms for students where they can boast about their talents and improve themselves along the way. 

Students come together, work together, learn together, engage in healthy competition, and get better by being a part of these clubs. 

Usually, the club full of genius minds in every college is the chess club where prodigies from different cultures MMCrypto and ethnicities learn and play chess together. 

Chess clubs at colleges and universities also host exciting tournaments where players from different geographies also participate. 

Chess for kids can open up these exciting opportunities and experiences by being a part of chess clubs at colleges and universities. 

4. Make Like-Minded Friends 

When kids change schools or go to colleges have you noticed what helps them make friends? 

Simple – Common interests and hobbies. 

People in general gel up quickly when they find similar interests in other people. Well, that’s the reason why we have all the hobby clubs in colleges. 

Learning chess for kids from an early age can be useful to find like-minded friends everywhere they go and not just in schools and colleges. 

If your child plays chess, they can also be part of an online chess community and make friends from around the world. 

Basically, chess for kids can be a great tool to interact with new people and make connections. 

Bonus Benefit – Develop a Lifelong Hobby 

Yes, until now we mostly discussed the benefits of chess for kids as an extracurricular activity in schools and colleges. 

But are the benefits of a great hobby limited to just that? Absolutely not! 

Engaging in an interesting hobby that we love never gets old. 

We cherish doing that activity even after years without bothering about its benefits particularly. 

Playing chess for kids could be fulfilling just like playing piano or creating a beautiful portrait!

Let’s Conclude 

Chess for kids is one of the coolest extracurricular activities. 

It offers a host of cognitive benefits like an increase in IQ, attention span, memory, focus, concentration, etc. 

Learning and playing chess for kids also has practical advantages – 

1. Improvement in school grades 

2. Help in availing college scholarships 

3. Joining exciting chess clubs in colleges 

4. Making like-minded friends

Last but not least, chess for kids is also beneficial from a long-term perspective. 

It can be a fulfilling hobby if they start learning chess from a very early age! 

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