Why is Chess important for young kids?

What comes to your mind when you think of teaching your kids a new skill,  a new hobby? Something which keeps them up & alive. Maybe it’s Chess? But why is chess important for your kid? It’s a mindful game. Right? Most people believe that Chess requires strategy and tactics and yes, of course, it is right. 

Chess is a mind game that involves a lot of thinking and time. It requires prediction and problem-solving skills. Chess is a game where the battle of minds takes place between two people. It’s a board game that requires patience, concentration, confidence, pace, perseverance, etc. Nonetheless, it helps in the development of your child and enables them to think logically. Apparently rather than offline chess, online live chess platforms for kids have boomed and why is that so?

Learning Chess is very important in today’s time as there is a vast competition. Children should have critical thinking skills. Chess is a game that builds high aptitude skills and makes your kids ready for competition exams. Post the pandemic online chess is something which has shown a lot of potential. Let’s see how can learning online chess help young minds.

1. Exercises the Brain

When your kids learn to play Chess rules and then apply those rules, it exercises their brain. Exercise for the brain is crucial, just as it is for us to stay physically and mentally fit. Chess boosts the kids thinking skills as they have to decide before every move. This game involves decision-making. This improves abstract reasoning, creativity, and aptitude. A Chess player must utilize a strategic plan to reach that aim, with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, such as the opponent player’s movements.

2. Improves Concentration

Chess improves concentration more than any other game. So, you should definitely make your kids learn chess. Kids should play games which improve their concentration skills as it is the time at which they can develop this as much as they can. Kid’s concentration improves as they visualize the board, its pieces, their moves, and their opponent’s every possible countermove.

3. Makes Academics strong

Learning Chess makes your kid academically strong. Chess Classes sharpen the mind. It improves reading skills as well as solving mathematics skills. Chess involves several calculations that your kids have to do in the brain only, so it makes them logical people.

4. Teaches Planning and Prediction skill

Learning Chess instills prediction skills in your child. As they have to predict their opponent’s strategy, their moves and then they have to place their move accordingly. While playing Chess, it is important to plan the whole game in your mind. Chess teaches your kids to predict every possible action they can take in any circumstances. It instructs them to check both sides of the street before crossing the road.

Chess is not just a game, it’s a dynamic universe of learning. So let your kid’s minds in the game and enroll them for a live chess class now!

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