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3 Things to do this Easter!

Easter is right around the corner, and we are excited to celebrate. Another excuse for us to indulge in sweet and yummy delicacies is also to spend time with our families and loved ones. One of the first holidays we get to celebrate together after the restrictions of the pandemic forced us to stay home and away from our friends and cousins alike. The possibilities of doing fun stuff with your clan are endless, but here are some activities we recommend you must try!

1. Fun Easter games-

Some ‘eggcellent’ Easter fun that the whole family can enjoy, the obvious choice of Egg hunting. It is a favourite for a reason, the thrill of hiding and looking for the easter treasures with your family. You can have crafts sessions with the little ones like decorating eggs and easter treasures, making bunny masks and costumes, or just having them help with the candies and easter cakes. One of the favourite traditions at our house is to hide token chocolate coins in the eggs and at the end of the egg hunt the one with the most tokens wins and decides the theme for their birthday celebrations. We were fierce competitors for the hunting just to get that opportunity! This is also the occasion to meet and spend time with our grandparents, who we miss a lot. All the family members also get to explore the outdoors and nature. Just breathing the fresh air and feeling the sunshine can be so refreshing and exhilarating.

2. Watching Movies and Snacking-

Easter morning breakfast is a big tradition for some families. We made pancakes shaped like bunnies made with chocolate chips and bananas. All the kids used to be ‘eggcited’ for it and couldn’t wait to devour our breakfast! Watching family friendly movies with children and adults alike is another must-do for Easter holiday. What better way to relive your childhood than watch classical easter movies with the little ones. You can make it an easter tradition for your whole family.

3. Reading books and playing Board games-

One of the best and most qualitative ways to spend some time with your children is to read them their favourite books. Nothing inspires kids’ imaginations than a good storytelling session. Their curiosity will be peaked and will also motivate them to read a book themselves. Playing board games like chess, Monopoly etc with family is also a great way to encourage kids to interact with everyone. It will uplift their spirits and also incentivise them to be socially active and stimulate conversations.

Let’s make some ‘egg-stra’ special Easter memories this year! And the best thing is many of these activities don’t require a trip to the craft store and can be made with items you probably already have around the house. We hope you have some Easter fun with your whole family with the mix of indoor and outdoor activities. And make new traditions and happy memories with your loved ones.  

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