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Class Guidelines
Camera needs to be switched on for all classes.
Late joiners will not be entertained. The educator would only admit students up to 5 minutes from the start time of the class. After that students would be marked absent and no cover sessions would be provided.
Cover-ups will be done only if it is informed in advance (at least 12 hour notice needs to be given to the child's Hobspace wizard/faculty.)
Only 1 cover up session is allowed in a month. Incase a student misses a session due to a medical emergency they can avail up to 2 cover up sessions on producing a medical certificate for the same.
Guardians are requested to restrict their queries to the end of the session or can direct the same via their Hobspace wizard. Kindly follow this practice so as to not disturb nor interrupt the learning of other students during a class.
Only the kids who have changed their zoom name to "Kid name_Kid age" would be allowed into a class.
Link for every activity would be available in the description section of the activity whatsapp group.